New Chin political party applies for approval to Election Commission


The Asho Chin National Party (ACNP), which has been newly formed in Burma has applied to the Election Commissioner on 15 February to recognize the party for it to contest the forthcoming Burmese election. 

The application was submitted to the Election Commissioner to recognize the political party for those not included in the present Chin state territory of Burma, said Salai U Aung Min Hlaing, the party leader.

“We will serve those staying outside Chin State territory for our Asho Chin nationality,” said Salai U Aung Min Hlaing.

The party leader told Khonumthung that the party will contest from Magwe, Pagu, Mandalay divisions and Rakhine state constituencies in the 2015 Burmese general election, if the Election Commission recognizes the party.

The party will also contest from Magwe division for the Chin Affairs Minister’s seat in the election.

The party will select central committee members after being approved by the Election Commission along with a detailed party structure. Khonumthung news


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