NCCD conducts women’s empowerment in Chin state




Network for Chin Community Development (NCCD) has a conducted women’s empowerment training in Tidim township and Tonzang township in Chin state early this month.

“We had targeted mainly for people in remote areas as their living standards are low. But we cannot cover most areas for transportation problems. We’ll try to cover most parts of Chin state when the time comes” said Saimon, assistant trainer to Khonumthung News.
He said they had conducted women’s empowerment training in Tuipui village in Tonzang township, Sebawng village and Liantuk village in
Chikha sub-township, Ngente village in Tidim township from 3-11 June.
The training mainly targeted for self-support, to be involved in politics, social, business and to understand women rights for women in remote areas.
Besides, NCCD had conducted a short term training related with their work skill, included the revisions, decisions, managements made on their work and discussion on current Myanmar’s politics in the second week of June.
Network for Chin Community Development (NCCD) is working on the concept of promoting Chin people to participate on all round
development process in Chin state.


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