More Tourists Visit Rih Lake during Water Festival


The number of domestic and international visitors to Chin State’s heart-shaped Rih Lake rose noticeably during this year’s water festival, according to officials at the iconic site.

While official figures were not available, the reason for the increased traffic seemed self-evident.

“I think it’s mostly because the road to get here has greatly improved, making it easier for tourists to make the trip,” said Lalpeklawma, an official with the information and public relations department for Rihkhawdar, the town where most visitors to the lake spend the night.

The annual water festival is one of the most popular times to see the lake, which is regarded as a major tourist attraction in the state.

Most visitors at that time are from Burma’s major cities, including Yangon, Mandalay, Magwe, and Kalay, as well as from other townships in Chin State.

The lake also attracts tourists from neighboring Mizoram State in India.

The lake’s scenic beauty makes it an appealing destination for a wide variety of visitors, including families, business associations, university students, civil servants and religious groups.

Earlier this month, students from Rihkhawdar constructed benches under trees around the lake so tourists could take a rest while enjoying the stunning views that the lake affords.


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