More Than 30,000 People Can Vote in Chin State By-Elections


There are 30,055 eligible voters for the upcoming by-elections in Matupi and Kanpetlet townships, according to the Chin State Election Commission.

The voter list has been posted in the two Chin State townships since October 1, said U Lin Kyaw, the election commission’s secretary. There are 17,604 people registered to vote in Matupi and 12,451 in Kanpetlet. The by-elections are scheduled for November 3.

“We are preparing for secret voting. All eligible voters must see the voter list. I don’t want any eligible voters missing from the voter list. The village level commission and ballot office staff will monitor and provide support for free and fair voting,” U Lin Kyaw told Khonumthung News.

Village level election commission staff in Kanpetlet and Matupi have been undergoing training since September 27, he added. They will then provide voter education to locals.

Ballot boxes and voting booths will be created to meet the needs of people with disabilities, Khonumthung News has learned.

In Kanpetlet, the Chin National Democratic Party, Chin Progressive Party, National League for Democracy (NLD), and the Union Solidarity and Development party will compete for a vacant Lower House seat.

The Chin League for Democracy and the NLD will compete for a state parliament seat in Matupi.


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