More Than 100 Falam Villages to Get Electricity Access by 2026, Govt Rep Says


More than 100 villages in Chin State’s Falam Township will get electricity by the 2025-2026 fiscal year, the Union deputy minister of electricity and energy has said. 

The announcement came in response to a question posed in parliament on Friday by MP Zong Lae Thang, who represents Constituency 4 in Chin State. He inquired about the implementation process and plan for the whole country to get electricity by 2030, and how this would relate to rural Falam, where only 15 villages have electricity

“There are 167 villages in Falam Township. According to our electricity distribution plan, 105 villages will get electricity in the 2025 – 2026 fiscal year,” Union deputy minister Dr. Tun Naing said. 

More than 60 villages are not included in the plan. 

“Sixty-two remaining villages are not located in a distant area. It’s still not inconvenient to distribute electricity to those remaining villages,” Dr. Tun Naing added, explaining that the government would provide solar panels or build a small hydropower plant to serve them. 

With Chin State government funding, a plan is currently in place to deliver electricity access to two villages during the current fiscal year. 

The electricity and energy ministry is building power stations with loans from the Japanese agency JICA, and Union funding. Some 27 villages should have electricity access by 2022, and another 61 by 2024. 

If the plan goes as was described by the deputy minister, 88 villages in Falam will have electricity in the next five years. 

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