More Than 1 Billion Kyat Designated for Social Programs in Chin State


The Union’s Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement has committed to providing more than 1 billion kyat (US$653,950) for social programs in Chin State. 

Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye attended a ceremony transferring the assistance funds at the Hakha city hall in Chin State on April 20.

The funds are designated to support pregnant women, children under two years old, people with disabilities, as well as volunteer housing and kindergartens throughout the state.

“A new thing this year is that the Union government is providing assistance for disabled people. Chin State has the highest number of disabled people. The Union government has started to provide assistance for them this year including in Chin State. It’s a good news,” Chin State’s social minister Pau Lum Ming Thang told Khonumthung News. 

Dr. Win Myat Aye said in the ceremony that his ministry had already drawn up policies, laws, by-laws and projects that it would prioritize, and that the government would provide greater assistance to underdeveloped states and regions. 

The Union government allocated a total of more than 1 billion kyat for Chin State, with the majority—889 million kyat ($581,361) going toward supporting more than 30,000 pregnant women and their infant children.

Some 80.7 million kyat ($52,774) is designated for people with disabilities, 43.4 million ($28,381) for more than one dozen social volunteer houses, 24.7 million ($16,152) for kindergartens, and just over 3.5 million ($2,288) for five maternal care centers. Just over one million kyat ($654) has been put aside for youth centers in Chin State.


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