Mizoram minister monitors road construction connecting Chin state


Construction of a border road connecting Chin state, Burma to Mizoram state in northeast India was inspected by Pu S. Hiato, Minister for Mizoram Industries, Tourism and Public Health Engineering yesterday.

The road is being constructed by the Mizoram authorities from Niawtlang-Lungbun village of Saiha district of Mizoram to Vuangtu-Tluangram (B) village of Chin state. The road will also touch Than Tlang Town of Chin state.

“Mizoram authorities have undertaken construction from Bawinu River on the Indo- Burma border to Vuangtu and Tluangram village of Chin state. The road is estimated to be around 65 kilometers,” said a bulldozer owner on the Indo-Burma border.

The Mizoram minister has been liasing between the two states regarding the road construction on behalf of Pu Lalthanhawla, Chief Minister of Mizoram state. The road construction details are being collected and monitored by Pu S. Hiato.

The minister received a warm welcome near the Bawinu River on the Indo-Burma border by villagers of Than Tlang Township.

“We are divided by an international border but we are brothers. We also feel that a Mizoram minister is like a Chin state minister. Because we, Chin people are also staying in Mizoram” said a local on the Indo-Burma border.

Road communication is being extended to border areas of Chin state, Burma by local people on a self help basis in the tenure of Mr. Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of Chin state. Khonumthung news


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