Mizoram government to purchase rice from Myanmar


Mizoram, a northeast state of India, will buy rice from Myanmar during the extension of the railway between Lumding and Badalpur.


Mizoram used to transport rice and other commodities by train mainly from central India, but the railway transportation route between Lumding and Badalpur is to be constructed between 1 October 2014 to March 2015, so the state will face problems in rice procurement during that period.


Mizoram daily newspaper, Vanglaini reported that Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India Ltd. under the central government has floated an international tender on 8 September 2014 for purchasing rice from Myanmar.


Under this programme, Mizoram will purchase 1 lakh quintals of rice from Myanmar in the first month, then if the trading is done well the purchase will continue for five months.


The rice will be transported from the Indo-Myanmar border trade road (2) Rih-Zokhawthar. From Zokhawthar village the distribution will be done to each district in Mizoram state.


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