Mizoram Chief Minister opposes Indo-Burma border fencing plan


28 July 2011: The plan to fence the Indo-Burma border connecting Chin state, Burma and Mizoram state of India was opposed by Mr. Lalthanhawla, Chief Minister of Mizoram  on 25 July because it will affect Zo (Mizo-Chin) unity.

The Chief Minister said in the assembly session that Mizo people were shifted from the eastern side. Mr. Lalthanhawla visited Tahan town of Kalemyo earlier and eastern parts including Kalemyo which is home to Mizo descendants, reported an Aizawl newspaper.

Mr. Lalthanhawla said in the session that Zo tribes will be reunited and live together in a territory some day, reported the newspaper.

The Chief Minister’s contention in the Assembly of Mizoram was supported and welcomed by non-governmental organizations of Mizoram including Mizo Zirlaipawl (MZP) (student association) and Zo Re-unification Organization (ZORO).

MZP and ZORO, non-government organization in Mizoram, are opposing the fencing of the Indo-Bangla-Myanmar border. It feels that border fencing will be a barrier to the reunification of the Chin-Mizo ethnic tribes in Northeast India, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

At the same time, the speech of Mr. Lalthanhawla is being supported and welcomed by Mizoram and Chin people worldwide.

“We are staying in different countries but we are brothers. We can say it is not an opposition by the Chief Minister but our blood,” said a Christian leader from Kalemyo.

Burma and India agreed to fence the border to contain rebels from their respective sides during Senior General Than Shwe’s visit in July 2009. The construction of the fencing is related to the agreement the two countries arrived at.

India government has sanctioned funds to expedite the work of fencing 10 kilometers of the 1,643-kiolmetre Indo-Myanmar border. – Khonumthung News




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