Meeting held on opium trade along Indo-Burma trade road


A meeting on opium trading was held by Indian traders and Major Aung Aung, Second Commander of the Light Infantry Battalion (LIB_274) based in Rihkhuadar village, Falam township of Chin state, Burma.

The peddlers of two countries meet secretly about opium trading in  Zo Khaw Mawi village, Rih sub-township of Falam Township, Chin state, said a villager from Khaw Mawi.

The Indian opium peddler was identified as M. Muniappan (50) from Red Hill, Chennai. He has been staying on the Indo-Burma border since 5 September and the local police and immigration department authorities pushed him back home, but the Major Aung Aung did not allow him to go back, said a local.

“The Indian trader carried cough medicines and he is still in discussions with the Burmese second army commander,” said an anonymous source from Khaw Mawi village.

The second army commander was accompanied by Mr. Soe Naing (an Indian) and Miss. Pi Aye. Pi Aye has been exporting Indian cough medicines to Burma illegally through No. 2, Indo- Burma trade road to central Burma.

It is learnt that M. Muniappan was arrested by the Indian authorities in 2002 but he was released in 2009 on bail. He was also involved in Indian cough medicine smuggling to Burma with an understanding with local authorities of Tamu-Mawre trade road and carried opium from Burma to India.

“He (M. Muniappan) seems to be connected with Indian northeast rebel groups, that is why, he can be actively involved in trading opium on the No. 2, Indo-Burma trade road,” said a trader from Tamu. Khonumthung news


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