MCC to construct tourist hotel in Hakha




The Mahemiah Co-operation Company (MCC) is planning to construct a tourist hotel in Hakha, capital of Chin state, western Myanmar if the state authorities permit, said Pu Thawng Za lian, a company official. MCC will open its office in Hakha next month and at the opening ceremony, the Chief Minister of Chin state, other ministers, local elders and religious leaders will be invited, he added.

“We often hear about the insufficient number of hotels for tourists and travellers in Chin state. So we approached the concerned authorities to construct a hotel. Local elders supported us,” Pu Thawng Za Lian said.

MCC is finding a solution for the market price hike in Chin state compared to other states and regions like Mandalay and Yangon, though the state is the poorest in Myanmar.

Besides, MCC will work for the development of farming, shifting cultivation and will work for construction of buildings in Chin state.

MCC is registered in USA and Myanmar to work with the local government in Chin state.


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