Matu vernacular text books introduced in government schools


In Matupi town and some villages of southern Chin state, Matu vernacular text books have been distributed in some government schools this month.


Matupi Times said that the members of Matu Literature Teaching Group had distributed Matu vernacular school text books to Matupi high school (1) and (2).


“Now the book has been sent to schools, but only one text book could be supplied to each school. The text book has been prepared by Matupi Education and Matu Literature Teaching Group,” said Pu Thang Yen, office in-charge of CNF liaison office in Matupi town.


The text book is prepared for class II to class IV and the government will pay Ks. 30,000 per month to those teaching the Matu vernacular subject, he added.


The text book has been distributed in Phanai, Lungtum, Kiliam, Kase, Kibaw, Kithawng, Khungan and Wetu villages. Some villages have already introduced it in their schools.


Similarly, in other townships the vernacular text books are prepared and have been distributed in schools. The Khumi Literature Committee also prepared a Khumi text book and submitted it to the state government to get official approval to teach in government schools.


Meanwhile, the state government has made arrangements to have vernacular text books in Hakha, Falam, Tidim and Sho areas.


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