Mass tree planting for greening of Chin State


In its drive for the greening of Chin state, Burma, over 2,340 trees were planted in Hakha, the capital of the state and Falam town on the Chief Minister, Mr. Hung Ngai’s instructions by a team last month.

A  Hakha newspaper reported that 1,140 trees were planted in Falam on June 29 and 1,200 trees were planted in Hakha on June 30 by the team.

“The Chief Minister’s team has planted saplings in Cin Mual block, the golf course and along the roadside in Falam. The programme started with the Chief Minister planting an oak tree,” said a local in Falam.

Mr. Ngun San Aung, Minister for Transportation, the head of administration of Falam district and departmental officials participated along with the Chief Minister. Oak trees, Golmohur trees, Laburnum trees, Pine trees and Cherry trees were planted.

A total of 5,000 trees of different varieties were planted in the state by Hakha Christian Churches, a local youth group and members of the Chin state branch of the Union Solidarity and Development Party. Some trees were sent to rural areas for the greening of the state.

It is learnt that a total of 10,000 trees of different varieties were planted in Chin state by local authorities. The plants, saplings and seedlings were provided by the forest department of Chin state. Khonumthung news


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