Market license register taken by private merchant


The license register record book at the government market in Hakha, the capital of Chin state, Burma monitored by the township municipality was taken away by a merchant this month.

The book was given to the merchant for 60 lakh Kyats.

“Mr. Tam Aung said that the license book was lost, which is untrue. The merchant took it because he is in debt,” said a trader from Hakha.

The municipality of Hakha lent around Kyat 300 to 500 lakhs to traders and civilians for the past few years, but they do not get back any money from the borrowers. So, a staff of the municipality handed over to a moneylender the record book and then escaped to Mizoram state, northeast India.

“The staff of the municipality arrived in Mizoram last week,” said a Chin youth from Aizawl, Mizoram.

It is learnt that the state government reminded municipal departmental authorities to collect the money from the civilians on September 2011.

“The Chief Minister of Chin state has warned departmental officials to streamline its work. But Mr. Tam Aung and other ministers will look into this issue,” said a town elder of Hakha.

The town elder told Khonumthung that the municipality has been collecting money by way of various taxes in the town, but the department has not done any development work in the town.  Khonumthung news


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