Market and Minibus Station Planned in Rihkhawdar


A market and minibus station is planned in the town of Rihkhawdar in Chin State, along the Indian border. Salai Thein Htay Lwin, from the town’s municipal committee, told Khonumthung News that construction will be completed by the Spring.

“The chief minister of Chin State and our municipal minister told us to build the market and minibus station. We expect to finish the construction by March before the next government is sworn in.”

Salai Thein Htay Lwi said a separate committee was being assembled to work with the General Administration Development officer to develop the project.

“We intend to submit our plans for the construction to the Chin State government within a few days. If the government makes a decision, the process will be faster,” Salai Thein Htay Lwin told Khonumthung News.

Lalpeklawma, the head of information and public relations department for Rihkawdar, said negotiations with the landowners, where the new development is planned, are over. Because it will be built on farmland, before construction can begin, he said they need to apply for permission to manage the land.

As the gateway to India, “the Rih region is a major source of income for the Chin State government” and attracts many tourists, said Salai Thein Htay Lwin. But there isn’t a modern market, he explained, so Indian traders look down on the Chin State town. With business transactions, they’re expected to offer credit to Indian traders.  Salai Thein Htay Lwin hopes the new market will help to even the playing field.

The market and minibus stations are planned in between ward-1 and ward-2.


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