Marijuana cultivation popular in Than Tlang


Cultivation of marijuana locally called Ganja, has become popular in some areas of Than Tlang Township, Chin state, Burma since this year.

Ganja plantations, were systematically introduced in the village jhums of Zanak Tlang area of Than Tlang by local people, said a local.

“The plantations mushroomed everywhere in our areas. The local people have been planting it with paddy in jhum plantations,” said a local.

Nine villages have been cultivating Marijuana in their Jhuming areas along with paddy. Most people in the area work on a shifting plantation system.

The Chin state government set up a committee for countering drugs in villages and blocks but the committee is not taking the help of religious leaders.

An agreement preventing drug cultivation was signed by the Chin National Front and the central government team as well as with Chin state authorities in the state.

Now, opium plantations still exist in Ton Zang Township, Cikha sub- township of Chin state and along the Indo-Burma border areas.


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