Mara literature curriculum will be published soon


Matupi wiew from South

A report said that Mara Literature and Culture Committee in Yangon announced that from primary to 4 grade (standard) will learn Mara literature curriculum in school which has to be published  1000 copies in November 2013.

The curriculum for primary schools in Paletwa, Matupi and Thantlang townships in Chin state had been submitted to Chin state Chief Minister on 25 March 2013 and the copies also sent to Dr. Ba Maung, Social Minister and to Pu Van Chin, state parliament member.

Mara Literature and Culture Committee, Yangon statement has been approved by state Social Minister on 28 March 2013 and then Mara literature curriculum has been sent to Union Minister, Education Minister, Naypitaw on 2 April 2013.

Besides, Mara literature curriculum, which has to be used in 55 villages of Mara language spoken areas, has been submitted to state Social Minister in this July and he replied that he has to consult with the concern teachers and other officials in state, district and township level.

In this regards, Dr. LB. Siama, Mara Literature and Culture Committee, said that there is no order to support teachers’ salary and curriculum publishing from Union Minister, so that state government cannot support them. However, in related with teaching the curriculum, Social Minister said to help as much as they can.


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