Mango prices fall in Chin state due to Arakan conflict


The price of mangoes has come down and affected mango growers in Paletwa Township, southern Chin state, Burma because of the conflict between Rohingya and Arakan people.

The mango market has been affected due to the huge loss of life in the conflict over the last two months in Arakan state. This has brought down the price of mangoes in the region,” said Peter Lu, a leader of Paletwa Social Committee.

“Because of the implications of the Arakan conflict, the buyers do not dare to come and buy mangoes in our area. Now, the mangoes are rotting, so the growers are losing their fruits,” said Peter Lu.

Local people in Paletwa depend mainly on mango, sesame and banana plantations as a source of livelihood in the region and the people of Paletwa sold mango at 7 to 8 kyats per fruit last year but it is now down to 4 kyats per mango.

Similarly, a branch of banana was sold to buyers for 70 kyats last year, but now it is down to 40 kyats per branch.

“The mango garden owners should create and adapt techniques to make processed products from the fruits and sell it on their own,” said Peter Lu.

Paletwa Township is the best cultivation region among Chin State Townships.

Besides, the students from Arakan state are being admitted to Paletwa schools after the conflict between local people and Rohingya in Arakan state.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has mentioned that around 80 people died and many injured in the region. Around 50,000 have fled for neighbouring regions since 18 May 2012. Khonumthung news


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