Man kills five persons in Mizoram


man kill 5


A man killed five people at 8 pm on 9 January in Republic block of Aizawl city, Mizoram northeast state of India.

Laltlanchhuaha (37) killed his neighbours Pu Sangliansiama (57) and his four-member family, who had rented a house on Springfield Higher Secondary school building, with a long knife.

The incident took place at 8pm on 9 January, when Laltlanchhuah asked for money from Pu Sangliansiama. He got Rs 1,000 but he wanted more money and they had a heated argument. The assailant suddenly began stabbing members with a knife one by one in the house. The housemaid locked herself in a bathroom.


The victims were Pu Sangliansiama, Pi Khualthangi (57) wife of Pu Siama, Vanlalchhungi (54), Isaac Lalrinnunga (5) and Samuel Lalrinchhana (14) The Aizawl Post newspaper said.


Laltlanchhuaha tried to escape through a window after killing the five but students of Springfield Higher Secondary school caught him and handed him over to Mizoram police. He was sent to central jail in Aizawl.


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