Man arrested for stealing 15 lakh Kyats


A man was arrested for stealing 15 lakh Kyats, two motorcycles and a mobile phone in Hakha, the capital of Chin state, Burma on 30 August. He was detained jointly by local youths and the police

The thief was identified as Ngun Ling (25) from the old Hakha block of the capital.

The Hakha post reported that Ngun Ling had also stolen one lakh kyats from Pi Dawt Nu, who was admitted to Hakha hospital on 26 August.  He also stole two motorcycles and a mobile phone on 29 August.

Ngun Ling broke into Pu Cung Hup’s house to steal motorcycle keys on 29 August. On the same day, a motorcycle key and a mobile phone was stolen from Mr. Lian Mang, who is admitted to a civil hospital.

Ngun Ling confessed to the thefts to the local youths and police personnel on 29 August. He was arrested at 10 p.m. local standard time.

He was charged under Sections 380, 379, 456 of the law by the local police and he will face 10 years in prison.  Khonumthung news


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