Low Quality Stones Removed From Matupi-Paletwa Road Construction


The Chin State government has ordered the removal of “low quality stones” from the road being constructed between Matupi and Paletwa townships, according to state MP Awng Liang.

The Special Road Construction Unit 12 under the Ministry of Construction has taken responsibility for the building of the road; the area in question is between mile markers six and seven between the townships. 

MP Awng Liang described the stones as being yellow in color.

“If they use these low quality stones, we will have to build this road again next year,” Awng Liang said, adding that the stones had since been removed and thrown into a nearby ravine.

The poor quality stones make up about 50 percent of the material being used in the construction process. “We might accept a ratio of 80:20, of good quality stones, but now they use 50:50

[good and poor quality stones]

. It should not be like this,” Awng Liang said. “They have agreed to use [high]quality stones in the road construction [from now on],” he added.


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