Locals want to remove waste materials at Kalaymyo’s old cemetery


The local people in Kalaymyo wanted to remove the waste materials threw by Municipal department on 6 June at Kalaymyo’s old cemetery area in Tahan block without delay.


The hazardous waste materials were threw nearby the houses and that bad smell can cause to illness the residents, said a local Pu Laltluanga.


“From 6 June, seven trucks of Municipal department came and threw the waste materials every day. Then we had approached to higher authority, but no response from them till date,” he said.


At the same time, Pu Pekhmunchau, an ecologist also commented that ‘if this old cemetery area will be wasted rubbish or trash place, it will pollute environment in near future.’


In fact, previously the old cemetery was used by all the religious groups in Kalaymyo, but Cabinet meeting in Saingaing region had decided to use the place for other purpose on 3, October 2013.


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