Locals protest Hakha main road widening


signature letter


Local people of Hakha town are protesting the widening of Bochauk Road in capital Hakha, Chin state. The road laying would have started in the first week of this month. Over 42 local residents put their signatures on a statement and sent it to the Chief Minister of Chin state demanding the authorities consider compensation for losing their lands if the road widening takes place.


The statement said that if there is no compensation for the residents the land owners would stage a demonstration and write to President U Thein Sein. They would also resort to solving their problem by the judicial process.


“The construction department had earlier taken measurements. At that time no private lands were touched for a widening of 40 feet. But after a three-member committee (Township Supporting Committee) made measurements they increased the widening up to 60 feet. It will occupy many private lands,” said Salai Sawm in Hakha.


The public has no idea why the three-member committee had been formed, as the people did not elect them. That’s why the construction department has to take all responsibilities for road construction, Salai Sawm told Khonumthung News.


If the road construction is carried out on the measurements of the three-member committee, many people will lose their lands. The project has to be completed between December 2014 to March 2015.


“Instead of laying the Bochauk Road, it is better to black top the Cherry Road and Tida Road for the convenience of the local people. There are many roads which need to be laid in the town,” said Salai Sawm.


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