Locals oppose housing project in Rih Lake area


Rih dil

Local people in Rihkhawdar, sub-township in Falam township, Chin state are opposing the housing project in the Rih lake area. “Local people cannot accept without being consulted by the authority about the project to build houses near Rih lake,” said Pu Dawla, Chairman of the National League of Democracy in Rihkhawdar sub-township.

On 14 July, Pu Ca Awi, Rihkhawdar sub-township administrator invited departmental officials, local people and political leaders and explained the housing project, 150 yards from Rih lake by felling trees along Falam Road. He has been made responsible for the project by the Chief Minister of Chin state, he said.


Pu Ca Awi said that 30 plots for housing have been asked for by state Ministers and their families. Two roads will be constructed around Rih lake for the local people for the housing project near the lake.


“If the project goes through, the natural beauty of the lake will be spoilt and it will become dry soon. So there needs to be protests against the project,” said a local.


Meanwhile, an official of the Chin National Front (CNF) said that the natural lake that is heart shaped is a sign of the Chin people and their state; it has to be preserved by all the Chin people.


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