Locals oppose construction of new Township Hall in Mindat




Local people in Mindat town have opposed the construction of a new Township Hall in the town by the Chin state government. The existing Kumti Hall will be demolished. Statements by religious, political activists and civil societies in Mindat town have said that although the project of constructing the new Township Hall is welcome, destroying and replacing Kumti Hall cannot be accepted by the locals in accordance with the 2008 constitution article 354, 363, 364, and 14 as well as the declaration of UNO to prevent the heritages of Chin tribe from being destroyed. Therefore, they issued a statement on 6 May 2015 in the name of 12 civil organizations in Mindat town.

‘Kumti’ Hall means ‘New Year’ hall in Chin language. Chin people used to celebrate New Year in Kumti Hall since their ancestors time. Now Kumti Hall is the only cultural heritage building left in Mindat town, said a local.


The land for Kumti Hall was donated by U. Lian Thang Kim and U. Shwe Ha in 1956 and donation for the building construction was made by writer Thein Phe Mint and U. O. Ma Tu Ha Shane in 1963.


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