Locals from Chin state shifting for fear of Manipuri rebels


Some local people of Chin state, Burma have shifted to other places from areas where they were settled for fear of Manipuri insurgent groups, who have been permitted to settle in Haicin village of Cikha sub-township of Ton Zang town, Chin state, by the Burmese government.

Locally known as Meitei rebel groups from Manipur state of northeast India, they have been allowed to settle in the village with around 40 people by Major Aung Cithu of the Light Infantry Battalion No. 89 based in Haicin village.

“The villagers are frightened after the arrival of the insurgents in our village. So, some have shifted to other places, but I do not know how many people have shifted,” said a villager from Haicin.

Local people and traders of Cikha are not daring to cross to India to buy essentials for their family and for trading, said a trader.

“The Indian Army is strictly monitoring the Indo-Burma border areas after the arrival of the Meitei rebel groups in our village. We cannot travel freely in the region,” said a trader.

The Burmese authorities have reiterated to the Indian government and the international community that it is not allowing Indian insurgents to settle on Burmese soil.

The rebels of the UNLF and PLA were allowed to settle in Ton Zang Township in Chin state and Kalemyo in Sagaing division with a strength of over 400 last year. But now, the Burmese government has shifted the Meitei rebels in three areas in Homalin Township in Burma. Khonumthung news


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