Locals Criticize New Tedim Football Stadium as Overpriced, Unsafe


Locals have complained that a new sports stadium in Chin State’s Tedim Township is unsafe and too costly, according to local officials.

The Myoma Stadium is located in Khai Kam town and the construction of the venue was recently completed by Meeba Metta Company.

Lian Dal, the administrator of Kham Kam’s first quarter, described his visit to the stadium, which occurred after the project had finished, upon the company’s instructions. He had no access to the design plans in advance, he said

“When we went to see the sports grounds, the concrete boundary was built four feet away from the goal posts. It could be so dangerous for the players,” he told Khonumthung News. “When we complained about it to the company, they replied that the design had been agreed to by the state government. When we asked them to build a smooth and balanced ground, they complained to us that it’s not included in the contract agreement.”

Khin Mung, administrator for the third quarter in the town, said that he too was notified only once the stadium had been finished.

“When we went to check the sports ground, it was already complete. So we could do nothing,” he explained.

Kam Cha, of the Meeba Metta company, said that they had gotten a tender from the Chin State sports ministry and proceeded to sign a contract to build the football ground and the football stands.

“Chin State offered 30 million kyats (US$18,400) for the tender. We won the tender with 29.48 million kyats ($18,100). We took over two months to complete this new sports stadium,” he said, adding that construction was difficult because of the tight space, and that sand had to be added to make the ground even. Any additional changes were out of budget, Kam Cha said.

Local sources alleged that the company spent significantly less on the project than what was agreed in the tender.

“We don’t have a draft design for a new football ground. We have an old football ground design. We have a contract agreement document. We can show the document anytime as well as financial data,” Kam Cha said in response.


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