Letter to President for improvement in power supply


A letter with 279 signatures demanding adequate electricity supply was sent to the President of Burma by the people of Paletwa town, Chin state on July 18.

Three blocks of Paletwa Town are being supplied power for one and-a-half hours a day by the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Burma. The insufficient power supply is affecting local employers of various sectors, students, and departmental offices, according to the Khumi Media Group on Facebook.

To address this  problem people of Paletwa town have demanded electricity supply for three hours a day in  a letter addressed to the President of Burma after carrying out a signature campaign.

Signatures have been collected from three blocks — Myoh-ma, Yua-ma and Yieh-khah of the six blocks in Paletwa town.

Similarly, a letter with signatures collected, was submitted to Mr. Thein Sein, the President of Burma on July 3 by local people of Matupi Town, Chin state for improvement of electricity supply.

Local people from three blocks such as Ngala, Lawngvan and Khoboi went in for a signature campaign among the four blocks in Matupi Town.

Chin state is the poorest state and receives the lowest power supply in Burma. Khonumthung news


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