Less rain destroys crops in Chin state



Many farmers cannot begin cultivation in Chin state because of scanty rainfall in Chin state. It has destroyed some crops.

In some areas of Falam township, Haimual (22), Thip Cang (26), New Hnathial (24), Old Hnathial (32), Singai (75), Selawn (8), TlangKuai (28), ZawngTe(38) and NgaiLan (16) are not getting enough rain to cultivate.

“Some crops are dying because of less rainfall and we cannot have corns and pumpkins till now.  Grass is growing fast because crops are less and we are spending lots of time and energy for our crops this year,” said Pasui, in Haimual village, to Khonumthung.

The government has not responded to the difficulties although the locals had informed it.

Chinland Post said that 50 out of 130 houses in Aibur village in Thantlang Township cannot cultivate till date, as there is less rain in the township.

A report said that there is less rainfall in Paletwa and Matupi townships and crops are being destroyed since June.

“We may face shortage of food from next month. We have no hope of good crops for next year,” said a farmer in Para village, Paletwa Township.


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