KYA plants 1,000 trees in Paletwa




The Khumi Youth Association (KYA) has planted 1,000 trees to preserve ground water on 26 June in Paletwa town, southern Chin state. A report said 62 youths of KYA based in Paletwa town have planted 1,000 trees around Sinte waterfall in Paletwa town, Kuan Bauh village and Mon Daung village near Paletwa for conservation of ground water and for greening the villages.



Chairman of KYA, U Steven said, “Sinte River water piping system had started from the colony administration period, but now the water level is going down year by year.  To preserve the water level we planted trees.”


Khumi Youth Association will continue to cooperate with government departments for preserving forest, plants and water, he added.


KYA was organized in 2002 for the unity of Khumi tribes, to help the community and to preserve the environment.


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