KIO’s donation reaches to flood-victims in Myanmar


donation shares


The donation Kyat 100 millions of Kachin Independent Organization (KIO) had shared and distributed to flood affected people in Chin state and other two regions by Chin Disaster Response Coordination on 14-15 August at a meeting in Yangon.


“At the meeting, all representatives from 9 townships in Chin state, Magwe region and Kalaymyo were attended and they all had agreed to distribute the donation to 12 areas in Myanmar depend on the damages,” said Mai Hanah Sung, an official person.


KIO’s donation is largest amount from other donations which were given to Chin people from inside or outside of the state, so that it has distributed to not only in 9 townships in Chin state, but also to other 2 regions in Myanmar by Chin Disaster Response Coordination.


“In fact, KIO is also facing many difficulties and challenges till today, but their donation shows that ‘blood is thicken than water’ to Chin people,” said an elder person in Hakha.


Besides, KIO trained and guided, Chin National Front (CNF) in term of military discipline and fighting for 27 years since 1988.


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