Khumi youth group cleans hospital compound


Members of the Khumi Youth Association (KYA) cleaned the civil hospital of Paletwa Town, southern Chin state, Burma on a self-help basis on October 6.

KYA members, who are students staying in the town and hail from rural areas and staff members of the civil hospital, totaling 47 people participated in the clean up drive, said a local.

“We cleaned the hospital compound to eliminate mosquitoes. This will help the patients. It will also remove the smell in the hospital compound,” said a member of the youth group.

The Khumi Youth Association was set up in Paletwa in 2002 with the idea of developing Paletwa areas, deal with environmental issues and unite Khumi youths.

The volunteer workers were provided with tea and cakes in Eden Tea store by the authorities of Paletwa civil hospital the same day.

The Khumi Youth Association comprises young men from Paletwa Township and is the strongest social organization in the region.


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