Khonumthung to publish news journal


The Ministry of Information and Publication department (Copyrights and Registration Division) has issued Khoumthung a registration card for publication of a monthly journal in Burmese on 22 March.

Khonumthng Editor Pu Sangte had submitted a news journal publication form to Copyrights and Registration Division under the Ministry of Information and Publication on 18 March (Ref. no.18.1.60/2013/288).

The Information Assistant Director Yu Yu Win has issued the registration card, and the journal will start from May 2013.

Khonumthung has been publishing news by means of an online media for 10 years. Now it will start its registered print media and it will be mainly for Chin people who cannot access internet in Chin state, western Myanmar and Kalemyo township in Sagaing division region.

The Khonumtung News group will highlight Chin news inside and outside Myanmar and especially print current news in Chin state and other ethnic states. It will work for the development of the media in Myanmar with other news groups.

The Union of Myanmar government has granted publication registration to Chin world info among Chin news groups first, and now Khonumthung gets the next approval. There are ten other unregistered local news groups in Chin state.

Chin youth groups outside Myanmar had initially established Khonumthung Chin news group on 7 March 2002 and it is one of BNI’s members.


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