Khonumthung holds Chin Debate in Hakha for the first time


One of the most prominent Chin medias, Khonumthung held the Chin Debate in Hakha capital of Chin state on 26 March 2016 at HBA Hall at 1:00 pm for the time first ever.

The main theme was ‘How Much Chin People Should Expect on the New Government’ and to discuss with four panelist – Salai Ceu Bik Thawng (Secretary of Chin National Democratic Party), Pu Anthony Cung Mang (Representative of Chin Civil Society), Salai Holy (Editor of Chinland Post) and Pu H. Ralghin (In Charge of CNF ThantlangLiaison Office).

Pu Sangte, managing editor of Khonumthung News, said, “The main objective of holding Chin debate is to promote debate culture among Chin community, to make transparency on government’s mechanism on politics as well as to strengthen cooperation between Government, Political Parties, Civil societies and Public.”

In the beginning we invite the officer of National League for Democracy (NLD) who will lead the new Chin Regional Government by Panelist and they said their side is fine. But they didn’t come until over 1:30 PM and we celebrate the Debate without NLD.

Salai Robert, editor of Khonumthung, said, “We had invited U Shiang Hu from NLD and we got confirmation to attend. But, he informed us on the day of debate at 10 am about he couldn’t attend and he ask Pu Hauh Chhum (Central Committee Member of NLD in Chin state and Committee Chairman of NLD in Hakha Township) to attend to debate function as panelist. But no one attend from NLD.”

Debate is the culture of Democracy system. It is so amazing why NLD officials didn’t come to attend this Debate. We don’t know whether they afraid to attend or or not. It is really disappointed others and it could means not respecting to media.”

The first Chin Debate program was held with the theme of “2015 Election and Minister of Chin Affairs” in Sagaing Division, Kalaymyo, which was organised by Khonumthung and Chin World with the support of by USAID, Burma News International (BNI).

This Debate was the first time in Chin state for Khonumthung News and support by USAID and Bruma News International (BNI).


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