Khampat Residents Ready For Chin National Day


In Sagaing Division, this year’s Chin National Day is set to happen in Khampat, located in Tamu district.

Liang Thawng, the secretary of Kalay Town’s Chin Literature and Culture committee and the main organizer said celebrations are rotated each year to allow the different Chin communities in Sagaing Division the chance to host the annual event.

“The 69th Chin National Day was commemorated in Kalay. The 70th Chin National Day was celebrated in the town of Tamu and the following year it was back in Kalay. Now we’re going to commemorate the 72nd Chin National Day in Khampat.”

Sagaing Division Chief Minister Myint Naing and high ranking officials will be attending this year’s event scheduled to run from February 19-20.

There will be traditional dancing by some of the many different Chin tribes and cultural sporting competitions like spear throwing and sepak takraw (cane-ball). There will also be modern games like volleyball, table tennis, badminton and discus throw. In the evening, famous Chin singers will perform.


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