Kanpetlet CSOs Call for Legal Action Against Police Officer Accused of Rape


Civil society organizations (CSOs) in Kanpetlet town, Chin State, released a statement this week calling for a case to be opened against a police officer accused of raping a 17-year-old girl.

The police officer from Myoma police station allegedly committed the rape on September 13.

Kee Bu, who is working with the Khonumthung Regional Development Organization, said that the police station did not immediately bring charges against the officer in question, despite the fact that he was named by the victim as the perpetrator.

“This is a child rape case. They didn’t immediately open the case. They tried to negotiate around the case by offering compensation,” Kee Bu told Khonumthung News, referring to the local police. “A policeman committed child rape. I don’t think the police want to work in line with the law.”

In the local CSOs’ joint statement released on October 14, the signatories said they were concerned about human security and the rule of law in Kanpetlet Township after seeing how the allegations of rape were handled by the authorities.

“The police tried to give 300,000 kyats (US$230) as compensation. Her relatives didn’t accept the negotiations. Then the police tried to give 500,000 kyats ($384) as compensation,” Kee Bu said. “Actually, they didn’t pay the 500,000 kyats at the end of the month. The police said that it was difficult to find evidence. Even though you open a file, it does not change anything.”

The CSOs in Kanpetlet have demanded government officials charge the police in the town with violating the Child Protection Law.

The Kanpetlet Town Women’s Organization assisted the rape survivor in opening a file on the crime at the Myoma police station on October 14.


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