Kalaymyo will get 24 hours electricity in February


The electricity department will provide 24 hours electricity for Kalaymyo, Sagaing region by the end of February 2016 from grater power supply line.

U Nyi Thun, township level engineer said that the greater power supply project in Gangaw town in Makui region has almost finished and which will supply the electricity to Kalaymyo for 24 hours by the end of February 2016.

The inauguration will hold on 18,19 or 20 in this month. The electricity will be supplied within this month, but I don’t know the exact date as the arrangement has made by higher authorities,” U Nyi Thun told to Khonumthung News.

The grater power line in Gangaw town will provide 66 KV to the power station (230 KV) in GTC, Kalamyo, then the power will be divided into 11 KV to provide Kalaymyo town.

Now most of the electric power poles are changed with concrete poles in Kalaymyo town, and then meter boxes will be supply to public after the electric power poles are ready to use.

The Analog meter box cost is 65000 Kyats and Digital Meter box cost 90000 Kyats at the rate of government.

U Nyi Thun said that National electric power supply project will also provides 23 villages two miles away from Kalaymyo and other 13 villages more than 2 miles away.


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