Japan companies survey pine oil in Chin state


pine tree survey

Two companies Mitsubishi and Marima Co. Ltd in Japan had surveyed pine oil in Chin state for trade on 17 October in Hakha town.

The company director and officials met Chin state Ministers and they held a meeting on the trading of extracting pine oil, farming and protecting the trees.

The two companies own  11 factories of pine oil extraction in 11 countries, and also produce 12 kinds of paper, ink, glue, tyre, and cosmetic products .

The central government and Chinese government had an agreement on trading pine oil in Chin state between the two countries and if the local people can establish a company to produce pine oil, Japan Company will purchase from it.

“It is best to produce from local valuable forest products by the local people and the profit will be directly received by the locals,” said an official of the company.

Pine trees are available in 8 out of 9 townships in Chin state.


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