Issue of forest income to be raised in Hlawttaw assembly


The issue of losing income from the forest in Chin state will be brought up in the second regular assembly in Burma on August 22 by the Chin Progressive Party (CPP).

“The issue of income from precious forest products by Sagaing, Magwe division and Rakhine state instead of Chin state will be submitted in the assembly. We have detailed evidence, ” said Mr. Sing Htun, General Secretary of CPP.

In Paletwa township of Southern Chin state forest products were being generated by Rakhine state authorities. Mindat and Kanpalet township forests were being produced by Magwe division authorities and Tedim and Tonzang township forests were being produced by Sagaing division authorities respectively.

Chin state is losing income from forest produce because most forest products were generated by other states and divisions as allowed by the central government, said Mr. Sing Htun.

“Forest income is going to Sagaing, Magwe division and Rakhine state instead of Chin state, so other states and divisions are getting more Gross Domestic Product (GDP) income than Chin state” said Mr. Sing Htun.

Therefore, the CCP plans to raise the forest produce issue in the next Burma Hlawttaw assembly for control of forest products under the new Chin state government.

Mr. Kyaw Nyeing, Forest Minister of Chin state and a representative of CPP has submitted the issue to the state government, but the state government is still silent.

Mr. Sing Htun told Khonumthung that Chin state will be improve its GDP income from forest production, if the central government allows the state authority to control its forests.

A CPP representative said that Chin state has been losing forest produce although there were teak, pine, timber and various flowers in the state.

A party meeting will be held today regarding this issue for submission in the Burmese assembly by CPP. Khonumthung news


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