Internet cafe burnt down in Paletwa


An internet cafe and a public call office (PCO) were burnt down in Paletwa Town of southern Chin state, Burma on 2 January.

The local authorities cannot figure out how the fire started, but the local people suspect the hands of miscreants.

“The internet cafe did not have any security personnel, while electricity is not regular in the town, so some unscrupulousness person started the fire,” said a local.

Six desktop computers, two telephone boxes and other machines were reduced to ashes. The incident is being investigated by the local police.

The internet cafe owner was identified as Mrs. Sasuh from Paletwa and she was released recently on bail from jail by the local authority over a case relating to internet security.

It is learnt that the fire brigade of Paletwa arrived but it could not to extinguish fire due to failure of its machinery.


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