Influenza widespread in Hakha town


Influenza is wide spread in Hakha town in Chin state claiming four lives and leading to primary schools being closed.

“The primary school meant for the army families were closed for two days. At least one person is suffering from influenza from each family. This is the most dangerous epidemic in Chin state compared to earlier years,” said a parent of a student.

Some nurses believed that the reason for wide spread influenza may be the continuous heavy rain in the state.

“Most of them are suffering from influenza and it is worse than last year. We did not have any more bed for child patients yesterday, so some of them slept on the floor. Five patients have been taken to the emergency ward yesterday,” said a nurse in Hakha hospital.

It is learnt that there is only one doctor in Hakha town as others are traveling outside the state. Two doctors have been asked to do duty at the civil hospital from Falam town.

“There is no doctor at the civil hospital and no doctors in two other private clinics. The clinics are therefore closed. People are helpless and depressed,” said a local.

Meanwhile, the only person in-charge of the civil hospital did not turn up at the hospital and he has been reported to higher authorities by hospital authorities.

“While the condition is very bad, a specialist doctor of on bond is also travelling for meetings,” said a local.

There are 200 beds in Hakha civil hospital, but all are occupied. Most of the patients are children. – Khonumthung News


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