Indo-Myanmar border trade road no. 2 close for trading


The Deputy Commissioner (D.C.) of Champhai district has ordered to suspend Indo-Myanmar border trade no. 2 for trading between the two countries on 18th April, because of disagreement between two labor groups in Zokhawthar village, Mizoram northeast state of India.

The suspension of trading will take effect for a month if there will be no changes on the order, said a local. The two labor groups in Indian side have argument on goods transportation and carrying from Myanmar to India, which cannot solve immediately by the authority.

“We have more daily labors than Indian side, most of them are working for their daily livelihood, but now they have no more work to do. Many traders also face problem on the suspension of trading,” said a local in Myanmar side.

In fact, it is not the first time problem among local labors or transporters in Indo-Myanmar border, and it used to halt the trading between the two countries.


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