Indian Govt to Pay for New Tedim-Rih Highway


A new highway from Tedim to Rih, on the Indian border in northern Chin State, will be built next year with financial assistance from the Indian government.

Because it won’t be as steep, Soe Htet, spokesperson for the Chin State government, told Khonumthung News that the 62 miles long two-lane tar road will be twice as long as the old road it is replacing. New bridges will also be constructed.

With over 400 million people living in the seven states in north-eastern India, “it’s a big market,” he said. The benefits of increased trade from the new road “are good for all of us” and not just in Chin State, but the entire country explained Soe Htet.

The spokesperson assured that all the farms and properties affected by its construction will be compensated.

According to the minister, the projected costs for the road construction is estimated at US$200m, which the Indian government has pledged to cover.


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