Indian Ambassador, Chin State Govt Discuss Freer Cross-Border Travel


Indian ambassador to Burma Saurabh Kumar discussed creating opportunities for less restricted travel between Mizoram and Chin State in a recent meeting with the Chin State government, a spokesperson said.

The meeting was held at the state hall in the Chin State capital of Hakha on Friday morning.

According to the state’s municipal minister and spokesperson U Soe Htet, meeting participants explored the possibility of people from both Burma and India getting cross-border arrival visas lasting 14 days and which would be valid in both Mizoram in India and inb Chin State.

“We mainly discussed how both nations could issue arrival visas for 14 days. Therefore, Burmese citizens could visit the whole of Mizoram State including the capital, Aizawl. Indian people could visit the whole of Chin State as well,” U Soe Htet told Khonumthung News.

He pointed out that India currently only allows Burmese citizens to travel up to 16 kilometers into India, so the current negotiations are taking place to allow for greater movement.

“That’s why we are discussing allowing for more traveling distance, so people can visit the whole state in both nations. If we agree to this, I think, the tourism business will develop,” U Soe Htet said, adding that he thinks changes to the restrictions will also benefit traders, and those from Burma seeking medical treatment in India.

Participants in Friday’s meeting also discussed the development of better transportation in the area, infrastructure, electricity distribution, border trade, and the education, healthcare, and agriculture sectors.


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