India Will Finance New Border Highway


India is financing the construction of a brand new two-lane highway to provide a safer transportation route from the Chin State border town, Rih, in Myanmar near India, to Tedim.

Chin State government’s Municipal Minister U Soe Htet told Khonumthung News preparations have already started. “The whole project will be implemented with India’s assistance fund.” A ground survey is underway to determine what compensation needs to be paid to farmers. This will be a new road and it won’t connect with the old one, he said.

The old road from Rih to Tedim will replace the old one that has many sharp bends and steep slopes making it difficult for drivers with heavy loads to navigate.

“This is why we are going to build the new road, which will be more flat, but it will also be 20 miles longer,” minister U Soe Htet said.

Cheng Liang Ner, Rihkhawdar town executive administrator, said the new two-lane road will be much safer to drive on.

“The current road is too dangerous because it passes over many steep hills. Water erosion is also a big problem. If they change the transport route it will be longer than the old road but it will be safer and less dangerous,” he said.

The government must pay compensation to those whose lands is affected by the new road, Cheng Liang Ner said.


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