India Commits Millions to Chin State Development: State Minister


The Indian government has offered US$5 million toward the development of Chin State’s education, health care, and transportation sectors, according to state officials.

Chin State municipal minister U Soe Htet told Khonumthung News that India promised to deliver the funds for three consecutive years. In a Hakha meeting with Chin State government representatives on November 21, Indian delegates including Indian ambassador to Burma H.E. Vikram Misri and chief counselor Dr. Kumar Praveen pledged support.

“They will help us upgrade roads, education and the health care sector. They will help us to build schools and health care centers,” U Soe Htet said. “We can tell them which sectors need it the most. Then they will help us.”

Mr. Misri reportedly said at the meeting that the Indian government would do its best to speed up border trade through Rihkhawdar and Chikha, and that the Indian government will continue to work toward the construction of a deep sea port in Paletwa, southern Chin State, within two years.


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