Improved electricity supply in Matupi


Following a signature campaign demanding improvement in electricity supply by local people, power supply has been increased by the local authorities of Matupi Town, southern Chin state, Burma.

The authorities are now supplying power once in two days from the earlier once in four days before the signature campaign was launched, said a local in Matupi.

“We are getting increased electricity supply, which is once in two days now, but we want power throughout the day,” said a government employee.

Electricity is supplied from Namlong hydro electric project to the tune of 64 Kilowatts and 25 Kilowatts.

Power supply comes to Matupi from Namlong hydro electric power station. The people of Matupi launched a signature campaign for improvement in electricity supply.

“The authorities have been making excuses blaming inadequate engine power. But the fact is that the engine is good, but they cannot arrange for 300 gallons of diesel oil, which is supplied by the government to run the plant. We wonder where the diesel goes?” said a local.

But, after the signature campaign, the duration of power supply has been increased by Mr. Thawng Mon Mang, the manager of Matupi electric power department.

The signature campaign was conducted by 18 elder members of Ngala block community, 18 members of Khoboi and 46 members of Longvan block of Matupi Town, totaling 82 signatures and was sent to the concerned authorities on June 2012. Khonumthung news


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