Illegal drug use increases in Kalay University


Kaley University

There has been an appalling increase in the use of illegal drugs In Kalay University attended by many Chin students. The increase is seen in Kalemyo, Sagaing region, a report said.

Kalemyo township police superintendent Soe Myint said that as there are many illegal drug users in Kalay University, action is being taken in this regard.

He said, “Illegal drug is used in cigarettes or though chewing betel nut among students. Action has been taken against one student.”

In the meantime a student said that because of the use of illegal drugs stealing and thefts have gone up in the university campus. Most of the drug users use the football playground, and the Nine-mile river outside the university when taking drugs. Some use injections.

“They are taking drugs in groups and do not behave like alcoholics. They are very cool in class but many items are lost and teachers cannot do anything,” he said.

There were 104 cases of arrest for illegal drug use in 2012 while more than 100 cases have been dealt with for the use of cocaine and pseudo ephedrine tablet this year.


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