Households forcibly relocated in No.2, Indo-Burma trade road


22 June 2011: A number of people of Tedim Township, Chin state were relocated for expanding the border trade road by the authorities on the Indo-Burma border.

The highway roadside has households of Lai Tui village of Tedim Township. They are being ordered to move to other places over the past two months by Brigadier General Hung Ngai, the Chief Minister of Chin state, said a local from Lai Tui.

“Mr. Hung Ngai came to our village and ordered people staying on the roadside to move. But local people do not want to shift, so he came again and warned that they will suffer if they do not move. Now, some households are moving,” said a local.

It learnt that the Chin state government will pay some compensation, but the exact amount has not been announced yet by the authorities.

“A village head told us that those shifting totally are to be compensated Kyat 50,000, but land owners are to be compensated Kyat 10,000 to 20,000 only,” said a restaurant owner of Lai Tui.

The local people on the Indo-Burma trade roadside households have to relocate from the narrow road for expansion of the road, said a local from Lai Tui. – Khonumthung News


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