Hope recedes for farmer over agricultural aid


A paddy field owner, who was promised financial support by the government on March 2011 for cultivating his two acre paddy field by an administrator of Paletwa Township, in Chin state, Burma is yet to get the assistance and has lost all hope.

U Kan Lung, of Tuthekung village, Lehlah track had submitted an application to the administrative office of Paletwa for financial assistance for his two acre paddy fields and the administrative officer had promised support.

A total of 10 lakh Kyats were promised as support by the local administrative office after monitoring by the agriculture department’s staff members of the field on 7 September 2011. But there was no follow up after the officer of the administrative office was transferred, said a local.

“The administrative office granted U Kan Lung 5 lakh kyat for each acre of the paddy field. So, U Kan Lung had hoped for 10 lakh Kyats, and he was very happy” said a local.

Local people have been critical of the new government’s administrative system in rural areas.

“U Han Win, the new administrator arrived in Paletwa. Now, the land owner is not certain of the financial support, ” said a government employee.

Local people have urged that field monitoring of rural areas be conducted by central government officials because corruption is rampant in the region. Khonumthung news


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